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Sour Patch Kids, Tide, and Mt. Rushmore

June 02, 2021


Lunch: 2% greek yogurt with blueberries. Sounds healthy and it is. However, breakfast was a package of Sour Patch Kids from the laundromat. That is one of the pitfalls of being in the suds biz. Too much candy at your disposal! Not to mention chips and sodas. They don’t tell you this when you start a laundromat. So I’m telling you. Consider yourself warned.

They also don’t tell you how expensive detergent is. And don’t get me started on Tide. That stuff is 50% more than the other brands. Why? Brand recognition I guess. It’s been around since 1946 and achieved national distribution by 1949. So did Legos btw but they only cost 6 cents per pound, not 20 cents a pound like the almighty Tide. Sure, you can’t clean your clothes with Legos, but you can’t make a scale replica of Mount Rushmore out of Tide.

Mount Rushmore In Legos

Did you know the development of Tide was designated a National Historic Chemical Landmark in 2006? Me neither! Another fun fact: police call Tide “liquid gold” because criminals steal it from stores to resell or trade on the black market for drugs. Talk about a clean getaway.

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