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Hank's Head

October 10, 2021

Is it wrong to be happy that your kid is sick?

I can feel you judging me.

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Hank's Head

June 03, 2021

This is Not Me (Yet)

Fitness vs. cheese fries. Is it even close?


Hank's Head

June 02, 2021

Sour Patch Kids, Tide, and Mt. Rushmore

What do Sour Patch Kids, Tide detergent, and Mt. Rushmore have in common?

Laundromat Owner

Hank's Head

June 01, 2021

Chapter One

Introducing Hank's Head. A blog documenting the life and times of a screenwriter / laundromat owner / single dad / Mississippi / Texas native living with two boys 8 and 12 in the Southern California oasis that is Sherman Oaks.

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Laundry Tips

May 23, 2021

Tips to make laundry day more gentle on the environment

Laundry day isn’t exactly fun for most people, but it can be downright unpleasant for the Earth.

Laundry Tips

May 02, 2021

5 Tricks to Make Laundry Less Agonizing

Doing laundry with ADHD often means moldy and/or wrinkled clothes that scream to be folded and neatly put away, but which rarely are. If you rewash the same load frequently or pluck clean outfits straight out of the dryer, these five tips may make...