Hank's Head

Chapter One

June 01, 2021


My first entry. I already want to rewrite that first sentence to say “first entry.” That is the screenwriter in me. The dad in me is thinking about picking up my twelve year old in 90 minutes, driving him from Sherman Oaks to Marina del Rey so he can participate in a sailboat race, then picking up my 8 year old from his friend’s house, then picking up the 12 year old after the race, then driving back to Sherman Oaks and feeding them dinner which they will undoubetedly call gross and / or disgusting. The laundromat owner in me is thinking about how to increase staff salaries, how to increase pickup and delivery orders, how to increase self service customers, and how to add dry cleaning to our menu of services.

I am also thinking about the pilot I am writing. My first dramatic writing. A one hour dramatic television pilot. I have been writing comedy for over two decades and felt ready to try something new. I am almost halfway through the first draft after about four months of outlining. Like everything in my life, it takes commitment. Which is why I don’t have a dog. I really want one. I love dogs and my boys would love to have one. But can I really keep another living thing alive? Two children and three houseplants is a lot already. And the houseplants don’t poop! By the way this is unedited. Written spontaneously with no revisions. Harder than it seems for someone used to rewriting scripts, emails, even texts. I will close now as it is time to hit the gym. Yet another commitment! And you want me to get a dog? Seriously? Okay, fine. I’ll think about it. Are you happy now?

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