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Mom of 14 Tackles Laundry Mountain on Tik Tok

April 19, 2021


No more complaining about laundry day!

A mom of 11 has rocked TikTok with a glimpse of what a major wash looks like in her house, attacking a "laundry mountain" of clean clothes with an expert hand

Britni Church of Arkansas City, Kan. got organized in a series of laundry-day videos, folding, sorting and organizing clothes for her large brood. Church and husband Chris are parents to 11 kids, with a baby on the way due in July.

Explaining how she manages the common chore, the busy mom joked that she wished she was truly as quick as she looked in a sped-up video of straightening up. The most-viewed montage in the laundry day saga has been viewed over 728,000 times since hitting TikTok on Saturday.

"It takes me 5-7 business days to do my own laundry, I couldn’t imagine," one commenter said.

"And I complain about doing laundry for 4," another agreed.

"Omg I have to see more this was so satisfying haha,"’ another begged.

In a follow-up clip, Church showed off her handiwork after an hour and a half of organizing. The matriarch talked through the designated piles, explaining that some clothes were for the winter, while others were too big or too small. She pointed out a pile of her and her husband’s things, adding that "the big kids do their own laundry" as well.

Covering more ground, Church made note of a "get rid of" pile, stray stuffed animals, socks and underwear, linens and car seat accoutrements, with a laugh.

Finishing with a flourish, she said the final pile was "either the triplets’ infant clothes or underneath I have some clothes for baby number 12," panning the camera to her pregnant belly.

According to the Mirror, Church had six children before meeting her husband in 2014. The two would go on to welcome five kids together, with their sixth due this summer. Church frequently documents her family’s adventures and daily life for her TikTok following of 1.7 million.

In another video, the busy mom shut down a troll who asked why their older kids did their own laundry, but Chris didn’t.

"He does do laundry. A lot of those clothes are clothes that he put in there, and he put in the dryer. He probably does as much laundry as I do," she said. "Well, maybe not as much, but a lot of it."

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